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“Juventus-United negotiations for Pogba”

Despite the fact that football is not in progress, Juventus and Manchester United continue their backstage discussions to make the deal for Paul Pogba.
The French central midfielder has repeatedly indirectly expressed his desire to leave England and the Italian champions are keen to return the player to Turin.

The issue was brought up by Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, speaking on Sky Sports, but stressing that Juventus want to include players in the talks as livelihoods, in order to reduce the cost of the transfer.

“I think he could leave because he only has one year on his contract. When you only have one year, it is very difficult to renew now. United consider him the most important player, not only on the pitch but also for marketing. But, this situation with his contract makes it very difficult for him to stay. Real Madrid is pushing. Zinedine Zidane wanted him last summer. Juventus would like to bring him back, but they will only make exchange agreements.So it depends on whether United need or want some Juventus players who can do the deal, like Pjanic and Douglas Costa. I know that Juventus and Manchester United have been in contact even in the last few days because Juventus would like to make that kind of deal. “

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