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The desired date for the Premier League to return to action

The Premier League teams have until the first day of June to return to full training and then manage to complete the championship, according to a publication of the “Times”.

The organizing authority has set a target to resume on June 8, according to the Times, and to hold closed-door matches to complete the championship at the end of July.

The publication claims that the owners and directors of the teams, along with other sports management bodies, have talked to the British government about when and under what conditions the championship could be completed.

The Premier League wants the remaining 9 matchdays to be played normally and a total of 92 games until the final. However, the margins are narrowing.

The games will be held without fans but can be attended by up to 400 people, including the media if and when they pass a test and are not found positive in the symptoms of coronavirus.

There are speculations about specific stadiums where games could be played to reduce the risk.

The teams will have to return to training until the first day of June, to complete the championship smoothly. The scenario for the start of the new racing season from August 22 is being considered in England.


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